What Does Fishing For Carp Have To Do With Leadership?

carpLeadership involves surrounding yourself with the right people to achieve your mission and vision. You can have an innovative and inspiring vision, but if you do not have the right people to implement it you will fail. People often inquire how I fish for the correct candidate to hire for employment. I have been hiring and firing people for 25 years in secular and ministry settings. Of employees I have inherited, I unfortunately had to fire many. In one situation in particular I dismantled an entire dysfunctional program, firing 40 people over a two week period – without a doubt, sometimes leadership is not fun. However, of the countless folks I have directly hired over the years, I have not had to fire many. Pondering the past 25 years I estimate my success rate in hiring is 95% (i.e., 5% catch and release). What’s my method? It is CARP; not the fish but the acronym C.A.R.P Continue reading