Evangelism vs. Church Planting at the Coliseum


(This post first appeared at Theological Matters)

It’s dark, musty and noisy. All eyes are focused on the boxing ring in the center of the arena. The spectators’ blood lust permeates the air as they anticipate the ring of the fight bell. In one corner stands the well-promoted fighter Church Planting. In the other corner stands the scrappy street fighter Evangelism. The fighters stand ready, muscles twitching, gloves cinched tight, and eyes locked onto each other with laser focus. Who will win the match? Ding goes the fight bell.

Whether intended or not, the ministry world in the past few years has pitted Church Planting against Evangelism and vice versa. The inherent tension is felt at the national, state convention, associational, and local church levels. Which fighter do we root for in the ring? Which ministry do we fund in our church budget? The answer is … both. Continue reading