Ramblings of Fatherhood


Scripture states that “children are a gift of God” (Psalm 127:3). My four children are indeed a rich gift and they bring much joy to my life. Below is a compilation of a few social media posts from earlier this year depicting the joy they bring. Enjoy!

January 18:

You know you have kids when you find @PlayDoh hanging off your Apple monitor. #Patrick6


February 14:

Boot store? No. Sunday morning in Texas. Boots all ready for church.


March 5:

Homeschool: 4 “Indian kids” in homemade tepee & homemade bows-n-arrows, reading “Ride like an Indian” by H. Larom.


April 3:

What they want to be:

Kid1=missionary to Indians


Kid3=pray for missions

Kid4=RescueBot (Kid4=disaster relief?)

April 5:

My kids enjoying @steelcityposfw at @swbts. Popsicles available every Tuesday.


April 5:

My daughter with #RonLosby , president of @SteinwayAndSons tonight at @swbts #swbtsgala.


April 16:

Patrick kids planted morning glory seeds so that flowers grow along and cover their tepee. Homeschool botany.


April 27:

My 3 yr old has his ecclesiology right: “Dad, I like church. It makes me better.” #HappyDad @birchmanorg

April 30:

Homeschool class today. Learning about germination & parts of plants. Botany 101.


May 6:

Kids making Mother’s Day cards, then opine, “We wish there was a Kids’ Day.” Still working on “love…does not seek its own” (1 Cor 13:5)!

May 13:

We elicit the 4 “Ws” when @MLPatrick & I take our 4 kids to @FortWorthZoo splash pad for 3 hrs: Woohoo, Wet, Wild, Worn out.

May 20:

Patrick kids found a hammerhead worm (Bipalium kewense), a predatory worm, at @swbts pond today. #HomeschoolScience


May 21:

Me: Caulking around door.

Son: You have caulk in your beard.

Me: (after looking in mirror) It’s not caulk, it’s white hair. #OldMan

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